SoBE Lab

At the Social Behaviour and Ethics (SoBE) Lab, we investigate human social behaviour and its implications for ethics. We work interdisciplinary, from a descriptive-scientific (experimental psychology) and a normative (moral philosophy/ethics) perspective. We are located in Oxford and in Exeter.

Dr Nadira Faber, Lab Director

Lucius Caviola, PhD Student

Lucius received his BSc in Psychology at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and his MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford. In October 2015, he started his PhD under Nadira Faber’s supervision at the Department of Experimental Psychology in Oxford. Lucius works on the intersection of psychology and moral philosophy. His co-supervisor is Julian Savulescu at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Lucius’ PhD research focuses on how humans make moral judgements about the worth of animals. Lucius also works on helping behaviour, especially effective altruism, and on cognitive enhancement. Lucius is based in Oxford.

Anne-Marie Nussberger, PhD Student

Anne-Marie has obtained a BSc in Psychology as well as a BSc in Economics at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and her MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford. Since October 2016, Anne-Marie is doing her PhD under the supervision of Molly Crockett (Yale University) and Nadira Faber. Anne-Marie investigates how people infer others’ preferences and the role of uncertainty in social decision-making. Her project is also geared towards informing policy. Anne-Marie is based in Oxford.anne-marie2

Dr Stefan Schubert, PostDoc

Stefan holds a PhD in Philosophy from Lund University (Sweden) and worked as a PostDoc at the London School of Economics (UK). He joined the SoBE Lab in 2018, working on the intersection of moral psychology and philosophy. He focuses on effective altruism, asking questions such as why our altruistic actions are often ineffective, and why we don’t invest more in safe-guarding our common future. Stefan is based in Oxford.Stefan SF 5.png

Lab Alumni:

Dr Jim Everett, former PhD student and PostDoc, now lecturer at the University of Kent