I regularly write articles for the University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics Blog and, newly, for The Conversation. Here are links to some my own recent articles for the general public:

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Horizon 2020 and The Role of Lay People’s Perspectives in Bioethical Reasoning

Being a Good Person by Deceit?

Another Surprising Side-Effect of Paracetamol: Causing ADHD?

“One cup of joe and your brain is ready to go”? – Caffeine as memory enhancer


And here are some links to my work in recent media reports:

A highly skilled opponent can lead you to underestimate yourself (British Psychological Society Research Digest)

Forget about smart drugs and try 40 winks instead (The Times)

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Normal (The Huffington Post)

People estimate own ability based on others’ performance (Business Standard)

Didn’t you do well? (University of Oxford News)

Why improving your own performance isn’t always good for the team (The Conversation)